Our Mission

Mission Statement

Thrive Counseling Teletherapy Services, LLC is a telehealth psychotherapy practice that serves men and women in DC, MD, and VA who are seeking support due to the impact anxiety, depression, and stress have on their quality of life.  Thrive provides a safe, professional, and empathetic environment.  We utilize our understanding of neuroscience and integrate it with personalized and evidence-based treatment interventions.  We help our clients reach their goals by helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves, reduce feelings of shame, guilt, and hopelessness, resulting in increased self-empowerment which is needed to transform their lives.

Our Vision

At Thrive Counseling Teletherapy Services, LLC, it is our vision to see individuals fully embrace themselves unapologetically, learn how to engage in and prioritize intentional self-care, and live out their definition of their best life.


Our Values


We believe in the inherent dignity of every human life


We intentionally build a safe environment


We focus on the health and empowerment of our clients


We permeate integrity and professionalism into every engagement, decision, and policy


We commit to continuing education to increase clinical effectiveness

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